Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Eccentric cast revealed for Twin Peaks revival

Although David Lynch is well known for his outlandish and surreal movies, he generally tends to work with the same actors such as Kyle MacLachlan, Jack Nance and Everett McGill. However, details have now emerged of the enormous cast that Lynch has assembled for the upcoming revival of his cult TV show Twin Peaks set to air next year.

The majority of the original cast will be returning, but will be joined by somewhat of a who’s who of 90s actors/musicians including:

  •          Matthew Lillard
  •          Trent Reznor
  •          Jennifer Jason Leigh
  •          Eddie Vedder
  •          Monica Belucci
  •          Laura Dern
  •          Tim Roth
  •          Tom Sizemore
  •          Ethan Suplee
  •          Naomi Watts
  •          Jim Belushi

And many more.

And if you’re wondering how David Lynch is going to integrate all these characters into the Twin Peaks universe in a way that makes sense, the answer is always the same, Twin Peaks doesn’t have to make any sense!

Are you excited for the new series? What do you think of this cast?


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