Monday, 18 July 2016

New Kong image, trailer coming this week

A new image has emerged for the upcoming Kong: Skull Island movie set for release early next year. Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts has also elaborated on some plot details, revealing that the film will be set in the 70s and will not follow the originals "beauty and the beast" theme. He also talks about the new and improved size of Kong and the reasons for this, when in reality we all know it's for future Godzilla purposes.

This gives me hope that the film will be a true reboot and not another lame remake attempt (as the 2 failed remakes that have come before). The film's first official trailer will also drop later this week at the San Diego Comic Con. Stay tuned to TMMDI when it does!

What do you think of the image? How do you feel about Kong's upscaling?


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