Thursday, 17 November 2016

Kong: Skull Island gets new trailer and posters

It's been a big week for the upcoming Kong: Skull island as the film has received 2 new posters as well as a full length trailer. As you can see, one poster seems to opt for the classic Apocalypse Now sunset look, giving a sense of scale to Kong, whereas the other focuses on revealing the big ape in all his glory. 

The trailer, however, seems to mark quite a shift in tone from the comic con teaser earlier this year and comes across as more playful and fun (the less said about John C Reilly's Dennis Hopper impression, the better). It also shows us that, true to the original, Kong is a morally ambivalent character that protects the island from other creatures, including the fascinating new "Skullcrawlers". 

Much like Godzilla 2014, it's good to see them introducing new antagonists for Kong to fight rather than go back to the tired dinosaur battle that we've seen time and time again. Although, there's every reason to believe the king will have smushed a few humans too by the tie it's all said and done. Kong: Skull Island comes out March 2017. Check out the trailer...

What do you think of the trailer? How do you think it will compare to other versions of Kong?


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