Tuesday, 14 February 2017

New Halloween movie gets a writer and director

After being pretty quiet for a while, a whole load of new details have emerged regarding the upcoming Halloween reboot. Not only has the project found a director in David Gordon Green, but Danny McBride has also signed on as writer.

The duo have previously been best known for their work on comedies such as Eastbound and Down, The Pineapple Express and the dreadful Your Highness. However, with Green recently moving into more dramatic territory with Red Oaks and McBride featuring prominently in the upcoming Alien: Covenant, it looks like the pair are really looking to explore new ground with their sequel to the horror classic.

And, as if he anticipated the raised eyebrows at the appointment of Green and McBride, franchise creator John Carpenter has also spoken out as producer, stating McBride's story is much closer to the tone of the original movie with no sequel campiness in sight.

We will have to wait until Halloween next year to see how this one turns out.

What do you think of the Green and McBride being hired? Would you rather a sequel or a remake?


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