Friday, 9 March 2012

New SyFy channel movie: Leprechaun's Revenge

A trailer for the SyFy channel's Leprechaun's Revenge has emerged . Directed by Drew Daywalt and starring Billy Zane the film follows the story of an evil leprechaun who was once incarcerated in a magical tree, but has now been unleashed on St Patrick's day to wreak havoc on the local townspeople. Sadly the film is not a continuation of the long running Leprechaun franchise starring Warwick Davis, which spawned 6 movies throughout the 90s, but some kind of new take on the killer leprechaun shtick. Oh well, as I always say it's better to have a rebooted killer leprechaun than no killer leprechaun at all...

Are you looking forward to some leprechaun action? Have you ever seen any of the Warwick Davis films?


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