Thursday, 26 April 2012

Grave Encounters 2 plot details

Fans of last year's excellent found footage satire Grave Encounters will be pleased to know a sequel is on the way. This time the film uses a meta-narrative as a team of young ghost hunters return to the abandoned asylum to recreate the team's ill fated investigation!

Did you like the first film? What are you looking for in the sequel?


  1. GE 1 was one of the best found footage horror , at first it started really slow which is the case of any real footage style , but than things got really scary , and spooky , the pitch dark of that freaky asylum , the terrifying noises , and the horrifying ghost appearances , made the movie goes to an upper level , because in most of real footage we never get to actually see what are they facing , but the director took courage and confirmed their appearance , the only thing that I didn't like was the dark story nothing was made clear , so I hope the second one will make the story even freaky by exposing the truth of all that demonic curse over that asylum is it just the anger of those tortured patients , that was kept in their and turned out to be a grudge , or it's more than that , I'm expecting more scare , more spooky scenes , and good actors , like they were in the first one especially lance

  2. this is gonna be so freaking good!

    already love the idea and it's so great that Sean
    Rogerson is gonna be in it again too!

    just hope there's lots of scares and even creepier